Dear Employee,

You Can Afford A Better Life...Get Down To It!

Discover How To Take Charge of Your Financial  Life!

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This is an Absolute Must-Have If You are an Employee.

What you’ll discover and learn

  • In an age of layoffs, outsourcing and downsizing, merely showing up for that 8-to-5 job may not be enough to afford you financial independence.
  • Neither the Government nor your Employer is solely responsible for your financial security and independence.
  • Thinking that your academic prowess will guarantee you financial success is self-deception.
  • Difference between Income Wealth & Asset Wealth and why the latter is the game changer.
  • How to achieve your financial dreams faster.
  • Turning skills, strengths & hobbies into multiple income streams.
  • The first investment you should make, is in yourself.
  • ...and many more inspiring, thought-provoking and informative stuff .

**FREE Delivery while stocks last**

Check out honest reviews from real readers

First of all let me say the idea behind the book is amazing and revolutionary. Some of us are stuck in jobs fulfilling other people's dreams rather than our own and this book is a true wake up call. The book is quite interactive as when you are reading you feel as if the author is speaking directly at you.


It is a good read that I can recommend to anyone. Very inspiring, informative and captivating.


I liked Eddy’s approach of reaching an audience not only with facts and figures but with emotions and substance. He does not make unwavering claims, but substantiate what he says...I will recommend this book to anyone who wants to seriously start looking into financial literacy and wealth creation.


All I can say is, your book is amazing. It drives the point home.


I will congratulate you for identifying the message this generation of employment seekers need. It is very practical and I hope every employee gets to read this powerful book.


Please, Don’t Buy This Book If…

  • You don’t believe you are solely responsible for your financial situation.
  • You think everything will just "work itself out".
  • You have no intention of taking responsibility for your financial future by taking action.
  • You don’t want a better life for yourself.
  • You believe an inheritance will solve everything, so you don’t have to do anything.
  • You addicted to Sportpesa, Betin, BetPawa, Betika or any betting/gambling game.